By: Savannah Smith | 02-01-2017 | News

Left-wing Demonstrators Spread Vicious Violence At Milo's Speech In UC Berkeley

Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech at University of California Berkeley when furious, violent protests broke out forcing the conservative right-wing personality to evacuate the campus and cancel his event as the school comes to a complete lockdown.

Yiannopoulos was waiting at the student union ahead of his speech when at around 6 p.m. on Wednesday when a group of demonstrators opposing the editor turned violent as they emerged from the crowd and started dismantling the security defenses, knocking down barriers and cutting through zip ties. The protesters all dressed in black and wearing masks soaked in milk as protection from tear gas then tore down barricades and began throwing fencing at Yiannopoulos' waiting area, shattering the glass.

Yiannopoulos also said in a social media post that aside from left-wing protesters tearing down barricades, throwing rocks and candles at the windows, they also lit fires.

Police responded with smoke bombs and by shooting non-lethal bullets during the uproar. University officials also asked for reinforcement to manage the violent demonstrators. They also tweeted that the Milo event was cancelled and that all campus buildings were on lockdown. They advised students to seek cover if they happen to be anywhere in the campus.

Yiannopoulos assured his followers and supporters that he and his team are safe after their swift evacuation from the campus. He also said that he is still gathering more information about the violence that broke out, but what is clear to him is that the left-wing protesters are terrified of free speech.

The Breitbart editor also claimed that one supporter wearing a Make America Great Again cap was assaulted and kicked while on the ground. A student-supporter of Yiannopoulos also condemned the violence and decried "this is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkley".

University officials stressed that they did not invite Yiannopoulos to the campus and do not endorse his ideas as well, but that UC Berkeley is committed to free speech. Milo's talk was sponsored by the university's Republican Club, and was supposed to be the last stop to "Milo's Dangerous F****t Tour aimed at defying what he describes as an " epidemic of political correctness on college campuses".

The Republican Club deplores the violence perpetuated by left-wing demonstrators leading to the cancellation of Milo's speech with a stinging statement: "The free speech movement is dead."

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Dan No. 1258 2017-02-04 : 03:14

Why are these radicles not being arrested this is terrorism right here in america

What are they waiting for they are going to start a war right here in america. Set them up give them something to protest then swing in with nationL guard and arrest them

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