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US Military Punishes Heterosexual Behavior Soldiers

According to reports multiple United States of America military male service members have been removed from their posts after allegedly having sexual relationships with foreign women during the President of the United States of America's trip to Asia recently.

Yes, the United States military is punishing straight (heterosexual) males for having relations with the opposite sex.

No, we're not talking about rapes or assaults at all, and according to<a href=""> The Hill</a>, these were completely consensual sexual relations between the US service members and the Asian women.

<a href="">The Washington Post </a>claims that at least three staffers, who all belonged to the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), are now being investigated for allegedly breaking curfew during Trump’s stop in Vietnam.

“We are aware of the incident, and it is currently under investigation,” Department of Defense spokesman Mark Wright told the Post.

The fact that these men simply engaged in heterosexual relationships must apparently trigger someone within the United States Military, who clearly wouldn't have complained had the service members potentially been homosexuals or transgender, based solely upon their continued policies of promoting such degeneracy within the ranks.

Now those individuals could lose their security clearances, or even face a court-martial, <i>for having straight sex</i>.

As most remember back in August several of Vice President Mike Pence’s Security Team members were reassigned for having violated curfew restrictions during the<a href="">Vice President's trip to Panama</a>, which made headlines across the nation.

At the time those soldiers reportedly brought several women back to their hotel rooms and didn’t register the women when they brought them into the building, according to the claims of the United States of America Defense officials said at the time.

The soldiers were subsequently brought back to the United States and removed from the White House detail.

These are men, being men, and simultaneously being punished for it.

It's quite preposterous, to say the least, but this is now the world we live in.

Shocking, I know.

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Anonymous No. 12435 2017-11-22 : 05:09

Race mixing is degenerate

Anonymous No. 12437 2017-11-22 : 05:28

It would be a big deal if it was fags bringing men back to the barracks too, particularly if they're part of a VP or presidential security team . Its a security risk.

Anonymous No. 12438 2017-11-22 : 06:04

They are on duty, homo or hetro it would be a massive embarrassment at the least, huge security concerns at worst.

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