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Photo credit: Robeson County Detention Center

Authorities in Robeson County, North Carolina say they've made an arrest in a case where a child was horrendously murdered by a vicious monster.

According to Police, they were dispatched to a home on Rennert Road where they found a sixteen-month-old baby who was unresponsive.

Emergency medical responders immediately transported the young girl, Kinsley Oxendine Scott, to Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton for treatment.

After the initial treatment began to take a turn for the worst, the baby girl was sent to Duke Medical Center in hopes of advanced treatment to save her, but after life support efforts failed the girl passed away the following night.

When police first arrived at the home, a man who claimed to be a friend of the mother was babysitting the child during what appeared to be severe trauma that occurred to the infant.

Detectives questioned 23-year-old Christian Troy Clark, the babysitter, who claimed that maybe the young girl had “fallen down”.

Later the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Raleigh performed an autopsy on baby Kinsley, only to determine that the child died from severe blunt force trauma to the skull.

Law enforcement then obtained a warrant for Christian Troy Clark and apprehended the demonic creature who killed an innocent little girl.

Robeson County Sheriff Ken Sealey said that Clark had to be moved from the Robeson County Detention Center due to death threats made against him, a common occurrence for savages who harm children.

Let's hope the inmates get justice no matter where he goes. Vile jungle dwelling animal.

Clark appeared in front of Robeson County Chief District Court Judge J. Stanley Carmichael, who said that he informed Clark of the charges against him and advised Clark of his right to counsel, to either hire a private attorney or have a public defender appointed in his defense.

Clark told Judge Carmichael that he's being represented by Attorney Kenneth Ransom, and he was detained without bond until a December 14th hearing set next month.

The child's mother, Shannon Oxendine, said Clark is a friend of the family member who takes care of all three of her children while she works.

Oxendine said she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt her baby daughter.

“I'm hurt but I'm just numb. I just don't understand why. I'm just clueless. I didn't get to see her until the machines were doing all the breathing for her,” said Oxendine.

This is a real red pill on important factors, such as leaving your child with a vicious beast.

Oxendine said she's still waiting to learn more details as to what happened to her child, and she's in complete shock that this occurred, but hopefully, other women will learn from her failure to acknowledge these factors.

“She was just so happy. She didn't know a stranger. She's always been an angel. She was so lovable,” said Oxendine.

Now she's gone. A sixteen-month-old child, brutally beaten by someone who never should have been near the child, to begin with.

Remember to stay aware of who you leave your kids with, for it may be a life or death decision.


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