By: Savannah Smith | 02-02-2017 | News
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Gorsuch In The Supreme Court Will Make The Constitution Stronger

President Donald Trump has made such a "spectacular selection" for the Supreme Court and a "fine successor" to deceased Justice Antonin Scalia in Judge Neil Gorsuch given the two gentlemen's many remarkable similarities, according to an opinion piece written by academician Matthew Spalding for the Washington Examiner.

Spalding, associate vice president and dean of educational programs for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C., recognizes that Scalia and Gorsuch are originalists, with proper respect for the Constitution as originally written. Their respective track records also indicate that they are in accord with their opinions on religious liberty, the Second Amendment, criminal laws and the commerce clause. Their legal writing styles are even similar, to the delight of law students everywhere, Walding further noted. Gorsuch's decisions are described as both clear and powerful and his judicial analyses are always impressive.

The academic scholar also gives a great endorsement of Gorsuch as he said Trump's nominee will be an "intellectual leader on the court, and brings to it a very strong record, a formidable mind, and a great depth of analysis."

Spalding also acknowledges Trump's wisdom and foresight in recognizing early on during the campaign that naming a Supreme Court nominee was a crucial election issue for many voters. Spalding goes as far as to say that the presidential election to many could have very well been a referendum on the Supreme Court. Such became even more compelling, especially for conservatives, in light of continuing cases of religious liberty.

Candidate Trump then not only pledged to nominate a conservative judge to the bench should he make it to the White House, but even came out with a list of potential nominees eight months before he could take action on the matter. Releasing a Supreme Court nominee list was such an unprecedented move on the part of Trump signifying his full confidence for one that he will win the election, and that strategic and sensitive recognition that filling the Supreme Court vacancy with the right person was important to voters on another point. It was later proven that the issue had an impact and significant contribution to Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton.

Now, the President is all-out to fulfill his campaign promise by strongly pushing for Gorsuch's confirmation.

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