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Super-Lefty Soros Coalition of Bots Pushing to Save Obama-Era #NetNeutrality,

What we’re witnessing on the grounds of Net Neutrality is the imminent collapse of the free wave of power that the liberal tech industry was given in order to censor what they define as wrong think.

Keep in mind that those very companies complaining that their freedoms will be infringed upon, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter; are the same companies which try to shut down right leaning viewpoints, and now they're complaining about President Trump's appointment to the FCC wishing to reverse the Obama Administration's protections.

According to<a href=""> Jerome Corsi, of Infowars, </a>it's apparent that there are powerful endeavors via a Soros Coalition of bots which are running both retweets, upvotes, and outright propaganda pushing to try to demonize the Net Neutrality reversals that are planned when the FCC Commission meets on December 14th, which has already begun on social media.

In fact,<a href=""> Infowars </a>unraveled those plans this past summer and exposed them during the efforts at that time as well.

Those bots flooded the FCC with complaints in massive numbers in an effort to transform the idea that the public doesn't support the change in rules.

That's simply not true. People are fed up with the Leftist Tech and their nonstop shutting down of conservative and far right views.

This is America, and we should be allowed free speech. While Net Neutrality doesn't cover this, it's definitely a blow to those companies who on one hand shut down the right and in the other hand beg that these rulings from Obama's FCC Chair stay in place.

Any blow, to those crooked Marxists, is a victory. Any. Make no mistake about it.

Just take a look at your favorite social media sites today, the prepared and well coordinated campaign is already underway.

FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai, a Trump appointment, is being heavily attacked for his decision to reverse the Net Neutrality rulings of the Obama Administration.

One major benefit to Pai’s decision is the fact that he is open and transparent in his draft orders, a far cry of difference from Obama appointed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler who refused to make draft orders public prior to the full FCC Commission final vote.

On May 18th of this past year, the FCC voted to begin the process of rolling back a 2015 policy in which the FCC decided it possesses the legal authority under the Telecommunications Act of 1934 to regulate internet service providers (ISPs) using rules intended for phone companies.

The rules were commonly referred to as “Net Neutrality” and were initiated by former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who served under President Obama.

While the previous vote didn't repeal the rules, it did begin the process to put the FCC on the path toward reform. Thanks to that vote, the FCC will solicit comments from the public and consider the expert's’ advice before crafting a final rule.

By getting government out of the business of telling ISPs how to run their servers, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is working hard to undo net neutrality, putting consumers back in charge of how the internet, and the businesses responsible for building and maintaining the countless millions of internet connections and switches powering the internet, should operate.

Through the net-neutrality rules, in order to better control the internet, the FCC put five unelected government regulators between consumers and internet service providers, drastically expanding the FCC’s power.

By regulating the internet as though it is a utility, such as an electric company or a water company, the FCC inserted itself into the middle of the data transactions made between every recipient and sender, of every bit and byte.

The fight over net neutrality was never about digital egalitarianism, although that’s what its advocates continue to claim. Its purpose was to restrict consumers’ choices and prohibit something called “paid prioritization,” which hurts consumers in the name of helping them.

Paid prioritization is the technical term used to describe an agreement between a content provider and a network owner to allow the provider’s data to travel on less-congested routes in exchange for an agreed-upon fee.

When networks are clogged with data during high-traffic times, prioritization agreements allow consumers to receive requested data faster. Netflix and other high-volume content providers have already begun negotiating such deals.

All kinds of data, including emails, videos, those tweets of your lunch, and whatever you decide to do over the internet; are more tolerant of delays or temporary congestion.

For instance, the bits comprising an e-mail don’t need to arrive at a recipient’s computer all in the same order they were sent. Other kinds of data, primarily video, are less tolerant of delays. Receiving the data bits in the wrong order or at the wrong time can cause distortions, stutters, and other playback problems.

If they choose to do so, content companies, such as Hulu and Netflix, can choose to pay ISPs a little extra to have their content bits delivered to consumers faster than some other company, such as Amazon.

Just like paying a little more to take a well-maintained toll road instead of the clogged government-funded highway gets you to your destination quicker and with less frustration, paid prioritization allows Netflix to satisfy your Stranger Things binge with fewer problems and greater reliability.

Net neutrality prevents upgrading for better service, forcing ISPs to treat all data alike, ignoring the different needs of the various kinds of data traveling over the internet. Wheeler’s proposal stuck your favorite Netflix stream on the same slow road as your least-favorite e-mail from work, preventing the data you want from getting to you when you want it and how you want it.

It boils down to control, and who has control; removing big government from the decisions that a server owner is allowed to make in terms of their company.

Essentially that's a good thing, any way you look at it.

The left leaning tech industry has to be cut down; and there's no doubting that liberals are going to be pissed off as they use their massive army of over 2000 television stations, thousands of websites, and barrage of Marxist social media outlets to push that propaganda.

All we have to do is laugh and smile.

If you work and pay for your premium services, it's not going to affect you.

The welfare state is over liberals, and even George Soros cannot stop the crumbling of your socialist utopia.

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Anonymous No. 12407 2017-11-21 : 20:09

>net neutrality is bad because muh Trump administration

Enjoy paying extra to have a decent connection on 8ch and the cuckwater goy.

Anonymous No. 12409 2017-11-21 : 20:32

How much did Comcast and Verizon put into the Goldberg's coffers for this one, do you think?

Anonymous No. 12411 2017-11-21 : 20:51

Wow you guys really Are getting money from Kushner if you'll be able to afford to keep this place and 8chan running after NN goes.

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