By: Savannah Smith | 11-20-2017 | News
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Vanity Project :Traffic-Easing Road to be Named After Gov. Chris Christie

Talk about vanity and self-serving ways, plus a dash of irony. Gov. Chris Christie apparently has no qualms, much more objection, to have a stretch of new road in New Jersey designed to ease traffic to a local park named after him.

So approving of the project- and how it is named- Christie is that he joined officials to break ground on the $1.5 million access road to Central Park of Morris County.

The irony comes in the part that the new road is designed to achieve the opposite of his administration’s George Washington Bridge stunt that brought traffic to a halt for four long days in 2013. Such situation drastically affected Christie’s approval ratings.

The outgoing politician also managed to poke fun about the christening of the project and name it after him. The 55-year-old governor said: “This is an indication that you’re starting to get old when they start naming things after you.”

Christie, however, chose not to make a laughing matter out of the purpose of the project.

The Governor Chris Christie Drive is expected to open next summer.

The project and its name can make one wonder- could the Governor be in such a hurry- never mind that he is outgoing? He does not seem to have the patience to wait until he is out of the office to have something as visible and concrete as a new road project named after him. While even others would only have things, places or events named after them once they are gone from the world, it seems that for the controversial governor, any time that promotes himself, massage his ego, validates his vanity, any time is a good time, so why wait?


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