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Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Lift Blockade on Trump’s Travel Ban

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Tablets Coming To Inmates In Muskogee County Jail

Inmates at Muskogee County Jail are soon going to have tablets and officials say the tablets will not cost the county anything nor be connected to the internet.

In fact, jail officials say that the tablets might actually help things at the jail by giving them an incentive for good behavior. They will also be able to use the tablets for access to a law library, play games, order commissary and take educational courses like GED classes all while incarcerated. Officials say around 50 tablets will be divided through out the jail and each jail pod will have a handful for inmates to take turns using for 15 minutes at a time. There will also be an option to pay to use them longer and that alone could make up for the cost. Jail officials also assured that the tablets will not be connected to the internet and inmates will have no way of using them to communicate outside the jail.

Rob Fraiser, the Sheriff in Muskogee County, explained the tablets will not cost taxpayers any money. Instead, the company providing them will take a percentage of the money inmates spend on them. Sheriff Fraiser also feels the tablets will provide a way to reward or punish inmates for good or bad behavior and he believes it will boost morale in the jail. The tablets are set to be installed in two weeks.

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