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Trump Threatened To Send Troops To Mexico To Stop The "Bad Hombres Down There"

A transcript obtained by AP of the phone call which took place between President Trump and his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Pena Nieto, on Friday morning, President Trump threatened to send the U.S. troops to stop bad hombres down there, unless the Mexican military does more to control them itself. The call was intended to patch things up between the new president and his Mexican counterpart a day after Pena Nieto called off his visit to the US.

It’s not clear, based on the excerpt of the call, who exactly Trump considered bad hombres. Some speculate it’s the immigrants or drug cartels. The excerpt did not contain Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto response. However, the except offers a rare and striking look at how the new President is conducting diplomacy behind closed doors.

Trump told Pena Nieto that he has a bunch of bad hombres down there, adding that he was not doing enough to stop them. Trump also told Nieto that I think your military is scared, adding that the U.S. military is not scared and that he might send them to take care of the situation in Mexico.

Trump’s call with Pena Nieto was meant to diffuse the escalating tension between the two. The two have had a series of public spats over Trump’s determination to have Mexico pay for the planned border wall, something that Mexico totally disagrees.

The Associated Press got an excerpt from a person with access to the official transcript of the phone call and they gave it on condition of anonymity since the administration did not make the details of the call public. An account from Mexican reporters point to similar account of Trump’s comments that were published on a Mexican website describing Trump as humiliating Pena Nieto in a conversation that was confrontation.

Citing an interview between the Mexican news outlet Aristegui Noticias and Dolia Estevez who is a journalist based in Washington, DC, Business further adds that the call was very offensive where Trump humiliated Pena Nieto.

President Trump made it clear that he doesn’t need Mexico, adding that his administration was going to build a wall and that the Mexico is going to pay for it whether it likes or not, he also hinted that Mexico will pay for the wall with a 10% tax on Mexican exports and a 35% on those exports that hurt Mexico the most.

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