By: Kyle James | 11-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sao Paulo State Police

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Armed Robbers To Death While Holding Baby

An off-duty military police officer in Brazil made a trip to the pharmacy with his family when two armed robbers tried to hold up the place. Quick thinking Sgt. Rafael Souza pulled his firearm out and shot the robbers one-handed with his baby in the other.

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Souza was at the pharmacy to buy medicine with his wife and young son on Saturday afternoon when the two hooded robbers stormed in. The business is located just outside of Sao Paulo according to a Brazilian radio station. The surveillance cameras captured the moment one of the armed robbers pointed his gun at Souza who drew his own weapon and fired.

Souza can be seen in the video firing his handgun around a scarred patron who ducks for cover. He then looks back at the other robber before reverting his attention back to the first robber and killing him. The off-duty officer showed a great deal of skill in a tense situation and his willingness to protect his family in the face of danger is commendable.

When the gunfire started, Souza's wife can be seen screaming and ducking between isles before reaching out for her baby son. Souza hands her the child and walks out of frame, presumably to engage the other robber. Both criminals, age 24 and 22, were pronounced dead at the scene when police arrived.

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Anonymous No. 12377 2017-11-21 : 10:18

Glad it ended correctly.

But he should have placed the baby on the floor behind a isle or shelf before going OK Corral

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