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White German Becoming A Black Woman

Martina Big (age 29) is a German actress and glamour model. She has breast implants that she claims have brought her cup size up to thirty-two S.

She appeared in Maury Show and discussed "transition" to become a black woman. She also had severe whole-body plastic surgery.

This year, Big felt that another change is necessary. She injected tannins three times into the stomach to change the color of the skin. “I am now the proud owner of black skin,” she said on Wednesday.

Big wearing a "Black Girls Rock" necklace, wearing a tight golden dress, appeared on "The Maury Show".

Povich asked, "Do you think you are a black person?" Big answered "Yes" immediately. The audience filled with many African Americans was surprised.

“But 80 percent,” she quickly amended. “I have to learn a lot. I know.”

Big has her current skin color using chemical tanning injections. It stays four weeks.

Big says on her website:

"Middle of January 2017 I had a medical procedure which changed my appearance fundamental.

First, my skin goes darker. Then my hair, my eyes, and my eyebrows darkened. Then I noticed that my complete body changed from a Caucasian to a Black woman.

Therefore I went in July 2017 to the government and changed my ethnicity official to "Black".

Consequently got a new passport and ID card."

Big’s husband, Michael was also in the audience. He is almost as black as his wife. When Maury asked him if he felt black also, he answered, “I’m a medium.”

Big says she is changing her skin for herself. Not for the attention or to offend anyone.“I am black. That is my race,”

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Anonymous No. 12346 2017-11-20 : 22:26

This would be even more interesting if it was a white German man becoming a black woman.

Anonymous No. 12359 2017-11-21 : 04:11

With extreme body modding, there are already trans-species people as well. Man, I sort of miss the old days when there were two genders and people were the race they were born as.

Anonymous No. 12383 2017-11-21 : 10:44

Who can sit here, read this and deny it is a mental illness.

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