By: Steve Dellar | 11-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: West Midlands Police

Coventry Teen Held Captive For 5 Days, Forced Sex With 20

After five days being held in an abandoned building, a 14-year-old girl was finally able to climb out of a first-floor bathroom window and get away from her captors. Police immediately spotted the girl only dressed in her underwear and got backup to arrest the criminals.

In all, they had spent 100 hours in the room where she was drugged and forced to have sex with some 20 different men.

The three which kidnapped the teen were presented at court today for varying sentences. Mr Jake Cairns, 21-years-old, Mr Brandon Sharples, 20 years-old, and Mr Jack McInally, 21 years old, were all accused of facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child.

On top of this, Mr Cairns was also found guilty of arranging child sexual exploitation and taking and distributing indecent images. He was the one who took explicit pictures of the young girl and posted them to adult contact site Viva Street. The proceeds went directly to his own bank and email accounts.

Detective Constable Jon Barker claimed: “These three men were involved with the shocking exploitation of a young girl."

“Cairns initially denied knowing the girl but later changed his story after he was identified during an ID procedure, and our financial enquiries showed he’d paid for the Vivastreet advert via his own bank account. Now that a jury has found them guilty they can expect to be handed long jail terms.”

The missing persons probe was launched after the girl had disappeared from a relative’s home where she was staying for the summer holidays.

A spokeswoman for the police added: “These predators targeted a vulnerable girl and subjected her to unthinkable abuse at the hands of a number of men. This is a distressing example of the way abusers, can manipulate their victims and makes them feel there is no escape.”


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Anonymous No. 12328 2017-11-20 : 13:23

It looks to me like the native brits are learning a thing or two from Islam. The sharing of cultures is a beautiful thing.

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