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Nightmare Compounds Over CBD Oil for 15-year-old Florida Honor Student and Family

The nightmare faced by Tiffany Young and her is not only still developing, it has most recently devolved into the type of horror no family should be forced to face. It all began when they found that 50-state legal CBD oil was more effective than the stimulant based ADD/ADHD medications that had been prescribed for her 15-year-old honor student son. Their son, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/ODD, PTSD and dysgraphia had good grades and no history of behavioral issues in or outside of school. Recently, since facing a felony charge over a misunderstanding of the legality of non-psychoactive, THC-free CBD oil and dealing with bullies at school, her son is having anxiety attacks. The stress from <a href="">all these ordeals</a> is also affecting his grades.

At the end of last week, the situation went from bad to worse. Tiffany got a call saying there was an incident involving her son. When she got to the Vice Principal's office, she met a social worker who began asking her questions about her son. She explains the issues he's currently dealing with and his diagnoses and about the bully he's dealing with at school. Her son, meanwhile is deep in an anxiety attack, shaking visibly in the chair where he's seated.

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"Finally get called back to where he is, I see my son sitting in a chair shaking. I asked whats wrong bud his principle says he has been cutting on himself. I am confused I just saw him a hour ago he was fine. Come to find out he scratched his arm with a paperclip. Next thing I know we are in a meeting where I am being told my son needs to go to JFK mental hospital. I know my son I know this is not him trying to hurt himself the scratch is not even as big as cat scratch or as deep. And who is going to try and kill themselves with paperclip. I say this school is the problem you took his medicine away."

At this point, the administration kept bringing up the idea of seeing a psychiatrist, more psychiatric drugs, and possible hospitalization. Tiffany explained to unhearing ears how all of this stems from the school not enforcing their zero-tolerance policy regarding bullies and denying him the medication that works best for him. After hours of talking with school administration and the social worker and the Independent School District (ISD) officers. She is taken to a room to talk to one of the ISD officers privately. Amidst reading the ISD officer, the riot act, Tiffany decided she needed a moment to gather her thoughts. The officer asked if she would be coming back. Of course, she answered, her son is there.

It wasn't until this moment that she was told that her son had been forcibly removed to a psychiatric hospital without the mother's knowledge. This after over 5 hours spent facing the administration and officials. Forced into a police car, taken to a mental hospital against his will. I know from experience, unfortunately, that either of these experiences can shake you if you're prone to anxiety. The entire ordeal is far from "therapeutic," especially considering a history of PTSD. And it's still compounding. The latest, an allegation of child abuse that is prompting a Child Protective Services investigation.

So at this point, police have confiscated 2 bottles of legal CBD oil and charged him with a felony as if it were THC oil, a 5-day suspension, bullying at the school and then forcing him into a police car and then into a psychiatric hospital overnight. After meeting with a doctor, it was determined (as Tiffany had been trying to explain to the school along) that the hospital was not the place for him. Their son has gone from a bright, honor student with hopes of Coast Guard Academy and now he's dealing with a literal bureaucratic nightmare. Just over two months ago, an honor student, their son is now failing his classes and experiencing anxiety attacks due to the stress of what he's facing exacerbated by dealing with a bully at the school. Tiffany and her family have been raising funds for their son's legal defense, at this point, they are also considering suing the school and all those responsible for the waking nightmare that they still haven't managed to escape as of yet.

If you'd like to help, there is a <a href="">GoFundMe page</a> set up where you can donate.

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Nancy larotonda No. 12488 2017-11-23 : 01:43

Omg i would hsve flipped. That is insane. I wish u both lots of luck and hope. I alsi do cbd oil and it has changed my life.

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