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US Evaluating Nuclear Attack On Russia And China

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Previous assessments about the possibility of nuclear attack against Russia and China are being updated by the US Intelligence Agencies in collaboration with the U.S. military forces.

The Pentagon’s Strategic Command and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence are conducting the study which seeks to find out whether the Russian and Chinese leadership could survive a nuclear strike and continue their operations.

Michael Turner, the Republican Representative championed the study which drew bipartisan support in Congress and was passed before the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Trump has expressed willingness to reshape ties with both Russia and China.

The results of the study were one of the little-noticed provisions of the 2017 Pentagon budget which would provide a complete evaluation of Moscow and Beijing’s leadership survivability, command and control and continuity of government programs in the midst of an attack.

This information is vital to the U.S Strategic Command since it’s tasked with planning and carrying out such strikes. Part of the study aimed at finding the location and description of above and underground facilities that are important to the military and political leadership and the facilities that they operate out of during crisis and wartime.

Brook DeWalt who is the Navy Captain and a spokesman for the Strategic Command confirmed that the study was ongoing but he said that it was premature for any details to be released. President Trump said that he would expand ties with Moscow and he might even lift the US sanctions against Russia if the country is willing to cut the size of its nuclear arsenal.

The Republican head of state has also shown great interest in rebuilding the US military and upgrading the country’s vast nuclear arsenal, adding that the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such a time as the world becomes conscious about nukes.

The Trump administration, unlike Russia has spared no effort in attacking China over a range of issues. Having talked to Taiwanese leaders and undermining the One China policy, Trump’s administration further angered China by pledging to stop its island-building in the South China sea.

China’s claim stirred so much outrage to the point that the Chinese media reported that the only way Washington could achieve that objective was through war. It’s been reported that Washington has been planning a modernization of its nuclear weapons which is expected to cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars over 39 years’ period.

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