By: Savannah Smith | 01-31-2017 | News
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Trump Supporters Call For Starbucks Boycott Following Its Refugee Plan

Starbucks has drawn the ire of President Trump supporters several instances during the fiercely-fought presidential campaign. Now that the President is again involved in a raging controversy over his executive order to temporarily halt the entry to the U.S. of Syrian refugees and immigrants and visitors from six other predominantly Muslim countries, here comes Starbucks again with a move full of bravado, and which Trump supporters feel is intended to undermine the President anew. As such, Trump followers are again threatening to fight Starbucks back and hit the establishment where it can hurt them the most-its sales.

While the Trump administration is busy explaining to the American public the rationale, purpose and context of the temporary halt of the immigration and refugee program for Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan and clarifying that the policy does not constitute a Muslim ban, Starbucks made a grand announcement saying it has outlined a plan pledging to hire 10,000 refugees within the next five years. Such declaration is in clear response to Trump's executive order on the temporary suspension of the refugee program for Syria.

Aside from the apparent intention to humiliate and undermine Trump with the timing and manner of such announcement, critics of the establishment's plan say that refugees may potentially take away jobs from other groups that by themselves are also oppressed such as American minorities and military veterans.

Starbucks also got embroiled in a viral video controversy last year where one of its baristas was accused of stalling the order of a Trump supporter simply because she was pro-Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters feel the uncalled for behavior of the said barista was reflective of the discriminatory tendencies of the popular establishment against Trump and his supporters to show its owners' leaning for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. In a show of indignation, Trump supporters asked other Trump believers to give "Trump" as their names when ordering drinks, so the baristas would be forced to write "Trump" on their caps and shout " Trump" when their orders are called out.

Today, the call of Trump supporters enraged by Starbucks' "braggadocio" move against Trump now that he is duly-elected and proclaimed President of the U.S. is to initiate a boycott against the establishment. Trump supporters want to send Starbucks a strong message through their wallets, and let the coffee shop feel their absence and indignation through lost sales.

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