By: Savannah Smith | 01-31-2017 | News

Trump To End " Global Freeloading" In The Pharmaceutical Industry

President Donald Trump is proving yet again that he is committed and determined to fulfill his campaign and post-victory pledges when he met with leaders of the powerful pharmaceutical industry and urged them to manufacture more of their drugs in the U.S., keep the prices of medicines down for Americans, and stop the "global freeloading" of other nations to the American pharmaceutical industry.

Trump told that executives of the drug industry that changes must happen- and soon. The President wants to end the current practice of government paying astronomical prices for medicines in its health program for older, disabled and poor people.

Trump said he is serious about streamlining the regulatory agency Food and Drug Administration and would soon appoint a new leader to head the agency.

The President also took the opportunity to underscore the global trend that has not been fully addressed for so long but is affecting the U.S. and the Americans- the currency devaluation by other countries resulting to American drugmakers' outsourcing their production. The President urged the pharmaceutical companies to make more of their drugs in the U.S.

Top executives of leading companies like Amgen and PhRMA responded to the President's call by pledging to create thousands of additional jobs in the U.S.

Trump also challenged other countries to start paying a fair share for the drug development costs and vows to end "global freeloading."

High drug prices have been a burning national issue the past years with the rising healthcare costs, with Trump declaring earlier this year that drug companies are "getting away with murder" with what they are charging the government and vowed to do something about it.

Now, just weeks after since making the pledge, the hard working President has sprung into solid action to deliver on his promise.

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