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Charlotte Parents Sue Rotating Restaurant For 5-Year-Old's Death

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During a family vacation, the Holt family, Michael, and Rebecca and their children, went to the Sun Dial restaurant in Atlanta in April of this year. They chose the revolving restaurant "because it was recommended as a fun place for families with kids to see the Atlanta skyline and enjoy a meal."

Their 5-year-old son wandered off during the meal and went to see the rotation of the restaurant for himself. According to the official police report, the boy had wandered away from his family's window table at the restaurant atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel and unfortunately managed to get his head stuck between tables. Furthermore, the rotating floor shut off automatically when he was struck. His parents then noticed the danger and cried out in vain to stop the rotation, but it was already too late.

Moments before one of the restaurant employees could finally stop the rotation, Mr. Michael Holt could see the skull of his son crack before his eyes. The sight of his child dying in front of his eyes is something that he will never forget.

Attorney Joseph Fried filed a lawsuit on their behalf to claim damages from owner Marriott Hotels this week, saying: "To Michael's and Rebecca's horror, the rotation did not automatically stop when Charlie got trapped," pointing out as well that there was no emergency button in the restaurant to stop it.

Their lawyer’s statement continued: "After Charlie's death, Marriott has said that it won't allow the restaurant to revolve again until it has addressed the dangerous pinch points.”

"Marriott should not have waited for this tragedy before acting to correct this hazard, especially while it held itself out as a safe place for kids.

"The family has filed this lawsuit to set the record straight about what happened and to make sure, to the best of their abilities, that no other family ever has to suffer the same fate."

In the words of mother Rebecca Holt: "what started out as the best family trip, turned into the worst nightmare."


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Edwina McManus No. 12279 2017-11-19 : 15:51

Wow, my prayers and my sympathies to the family, that is an unimaginable horror.

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