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Video - Colorado Baby First Death Associated With Pot In US

A medical case in Colorado, which was published in medical journals worldwide, is making waves around the medical community as it is the first ever death attributed to usage of marijuana.

The patient was an 11-month old baby who had, two years ago, eaten products which contained marijuana and died shortly after.

The doctor making the bold statement (it would be the first ever death attributed to over-usage of marijuana) was interviewed at length to defend his claim.

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The case report which was frist published in the journal Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine but has been re-published in many others already, was authored by a pair of doctors at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, which is housed at Denver Health.

The doctors in question, Mr Thomas Nappe and Mr Christopher Hoyte, had worked on the baby’s care as part of their duties at the regional poison control center.

According to their report, the damage to the child’s heart muscle, which was the main cause of the little boy’s passing, was caused by directly ingesting marijuana.

Dr Hoyte: “The only thing that we found was marijuana. High concentrations of marijuana in his blood. And that’s the only thing we found.”

“The kid never really got better. And just one thing led to another and the kid ended up with a heart stopped. And the kid stopped breathing and died.”

However, given that it has been so far widely accepted that marijuana overdoses are not fatal, other doctors are very sceptical of those wordings being used in the report.

Dr. Noah Kaufman, an emergency medicine specialist based in Northern Colorado, rebuffed the claim, saying: “That statement is too much. It’s too much as far as I’m concerned.”

“Because that is saying confidently that this is the first case. ‘We’ve got one!’ And I still disagree with that.”

Of course, the case will be looked on with a microscope because if the overdose death which happened in Colorado would be medically accepted as being caused by marijuana it could have serious consequences on the planned marijuana legalization in the US.


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