By: Kyle James | 11-18-2017 | News
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Man Claims His Wife Died From Accidental Discharge During Sex Act

A Las Vegas man has been arrested for the death of his wife after he told police she died from an accidental discharge of his firearm during sex.

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Las Vegas Metro police responded to a call that John Fitzgerald Gonzalez made to 911 around 7:50 a.m. Thursday. In the call, Gonzalez says his wife, Nicole Nguyen, had been shot in the stomach after a struggle over a gun. Officers arrived at the 9000 block of College Green Street in the southwestern valley to find Nguyen on the floor of her garage next to her vehicle with a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Gonzalez told police he was picking their son up from the home to take him to school when Nguyen pulled out a gun. It was during the ensuing struggle that Nguyen told police his wife was shot. However, he later changed his story to say he was performing a sexual act on her before the shooting when his wife grabbed his gun and it discharged.

The arrest report indicated, "It is unknown if the sex was actually consensual or if it was coerced by force or threats of force." Gonzalez was waiting outside with his son who was uninjured when police arrived. According to Clark County family records, Nguyen had filed for divorce just seven weeks prior to her death.

The divorce prompted Gonzalez to move out of their home at College Green Street but the arrest report indicated he told police that Nguyen indicated she wanted to possibly get back together. Gonzalez also told police that his wife had plans to cancel the divorce proceedings that day.

Gonzalez told police in an interview that he had two guns with him because he was concerned that he was going to be ambushed. He went on to say Nguyen reached for his gun during the sex act which he was holding by the grip and pulled it toward her causing him to pull the trigger.

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Anonymous No. 12227 2017-11-18 : 19:41

Sounds like a murder.

Anonymous No. 12241 2017-11-19 : 01:41

All the signs of a butthurt fool that murdered his soon to be ex out of emotion, and raped to boot.

I wonder where the kid was for that shitshow or if the killer picked him up on the way to the ER?

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