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Video - Stripping, Barking Zombie Drug Takes Over USA

Flakka is on the move again. Law enforcement thought it would disappear last year when China, where the substance is mostly produced, moved to ban the production and exportation at the demand of US law enforcement.

But now alpha-PVP, the main compound of Flakka, can be obtained by creating it with chemicals that no longer violate US laws and thus bypass the ban.

And so once again videos are popping up of people running naked, screaming through the streets or behaving just plain old crazy. The internet is full of videos featuring people high on the stuff.

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Missouri narcotics investigator Mr Jason Grellner, confirms there has been an uptick in emergency room visits of people under the influence in recent weeks: “What we see in the emergency department at Mercy is people brought in by private ambulance or law enforcement who are having a full-blown episode.”

“They’re seeing double, they’re seeing dragons. They believe wholeheartedly that it’s actually occurring.”

Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas are all reporting a rise in flakka cases.

Mr Grellner continued: “The nursing and physician staffs are in danger from these patients.”

“There’s no blood test or urine test, no way for physicians to know what the user has actually ingested. they have to treat the patient symptomatically and monitor them constantly for their mental and physical states.”

Last month, a West Virginia hospital reported similar cases. Dr. Mark Povroznik: “A new drug has hit Harrison County that has the capacity to cause rage and murderous tendencies in those who use it.”

Flakka was at first introduced in the US when it made waves in South Florida. A student named Austin Harrouff in Florida State University consumed it and then went crazy. He fatally stabbed a couple he happened to see outside their home and then started to eat the man’s face.


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Gotta get me some flakka !

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