By: Savannah Smith | 11-18-2017 | News
Photo credit: CBS3

Former Foster Child Kills Woman Who Was House-Sitting in Woodbury, N.J.

A woman who was just house-sitting in a home on Hopkins Street in Woodbury, N.J. was beaten to death by a 19-year-old man who used to live in the same house as a foster child in 2015.

The victim has been identified as 26-year-old Shawneeq Carter. Her alleged killer is identified as 19-year-old Brandon Wilson.

Wilson had the previous criminal record prior to the alleged killing including trespassing in the same house in 2016. Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton says Wilson has just gotten out of Bucks County jail for a drug conviction. He was captured on video with another man in Woodbury on the night of Carter’s murder.

Dalton says physical evidence gathered from the crime scene points to Wilson as the culprit. He added: “Physical evidence linking the defendant to the crime was found on an outside window as well as the victim’s shirt and a piece of gym equipment that was used in the murder.”

The authorities also gathered that Wilson allegedly instructed relatives to dispose of two pairs of sneakers after he was arrested in Cape May County on an unrelated issue.

It is not yet clear how the murder was fully carried out, and the motive behind the killing. It is also not clear if there are witnesses, and if they have been questioned about the incident.

The victim’s father, Shawn Carter, is still grieving his daughter’s death. He shared with local media that h visits his daughter’s resting place every Sunday. He said: “The silver lining is the fact that I have a grandson that’s phenomenal and he’s getting therapy and stuff like that. He’s going through the process and we’re all going through the process. This is the first Thanksgiving that I won’t have my daughter at Thanksgiving dinner.”

The suspect will have his first appearance by video on Sunday from the Cape May County Jail. He is scheduled to have a detention hearing sometime after Thanksgiving.


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