By: Kyle James | 11-18-2017 | Entertainment
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Ben Affleck Stole A Batarang And Warner Bros. Sent Him A Bill For It

Justice League's Ben Affleck was a guest on Stephen Colbert's Late Show Thursday and during his interview, he described how he stole one of his character's props home with him.

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Affleck portrays Batman in Warner Bros. superhero franchise with the latest installment being "Justice League." In the interview, Affleck tells how Warner Bros. sent him a bill for the Batarang he took home with him which ended up not being cheap. Among the topics discussed on the show were sexual harassment allegations levied at Affleck himself.

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The actor became noticeably tense when Colbert questioned him regarding an incident where he groped a television personality during an interview. The incident was captured on video but Affleck denied touching the woman inappropriately saying if he did it was an accident. However, during the clip, the TV personality exclaims "Yeah, he pulled that move" immediate after Affleck reached over and "squeezed" her left breast. Affleck responded, "That's a move, yeah." It would seem he was clearly aware of touching the woman's breast and even did so intentionally.

Recently rumors have circulated that the director of the Justice League films is searching for another actor to play Batman and even has one in mind though exactly who will take on the mantle of Batman remains shrouded in mystery. The allegations of sexual misconduct against Affleck are likely contributed to his replacement, his seeming lack of character when it comes to things such as stealing probably isn't helping.

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