By: Lawrence Synder | 01-31-2017 | News
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Trannie Threatens to Kill Richard Spencer

A trans woman from Pennsylvania has threatened to kill alt-right leader Richard Spencer due to the statements he made after he was attack during a protest earlier this month. Through a tweet, trans woman Merly Kavanagh floated the idea of shooting Spencer.

Kavanagh, who was formerly known as Ryan Fortney, made the controversial remark after another Twitter user criticized Spencer after he talked about the importance of public security. In a video, Spencer addressed an incident that occurred this month during a rally against Donald Trump in Washington.

While at the event for a television interview, a protester suddenly approached Spencer and punched him on the side of his head. This prompted the alt-right leader to discuss the importance of public security and people’s right to express themselves.

While criticizing at how punches prompted Spencer to discuss the important matter, Kavanagh then said “imagine what a bullet might do,” which clearly points to the notion of fatally shooting the alt-right leader.

For a trans woman who promotes tolerance and who has her own fundraising page at You Caring to collect money for her mental therapy, clothes and numerous surgeries, Kavanagh certainly harbors a lot of hate for people with opposing views. In a follow-up tweet, she defended her statement about shooting Spencer because he got mad at her at Tumblr.

But then again, even though Kavanagh’s statements against Spencer are very dangerous and should be the subject of an investigation, they are not that surprising anymore especially since the myth of the tolerant liberal has been debunked.

These people who are always ready to protest for peace, love and social acceptance, are usually the ones who resort to violent solutions just because something didn’t go their way. Madonna, for example, threatened to blow up the White House at Trump’s inauguration because her candidate didn’t win.

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