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Photo credit: Broward Sheriff's Office

Florida Man uses Online Ad for Hoverboards to Lure Child Sex Victims

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Law enforcement in Pembroke Pines, Florida said they took a man off the streets who thought he was Marty McFly from Back to The Future, or he at least pretended to have a hoverboard.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department says that 26-year-old Lawrence Perry had placed online ads to try and sell a hoverboard, but that his intentions were far grimmer than just selling a product.

When a 14-year-old girl responded to his ad about the device expressing interest in making a purchase, Perry then agreed to meet the girl at her home to make the sale.

However, once Perry arrived at the home he began making sexually explicit comments to the young child repeatedly telling her how beautiful her body was, despite her repeatedly telling him that he was making her uncomfortable and that what he was saying was “scary to her”.

She even told him her age, and he continued to try and seduce the child into having sexual relations with him, at which time she told him to leave the premises.

After he left, the pedophile then began texting the girl still trying to get her to agree to his persuasive demented fantasies.

“He began sending her some explicit photos of himself at which time she notified her parents and parents contacted police,” said Pembroke Pines Police Department Captain Al Xiques.

Once her parents contacted the Pembroke Police Department, investigators then decided to launch an undercover sting to take the child sex predator off the streets before he acts again upon another child.

Detectives then contact Perry posing as the young girl, getting him interested further in setting up a meeting between the two.

Perry responded positively to the texts, even sending nude pictures of himself to the undercover officers and asking who he thought was the young girl to come and meet him at nearby Maxwell Park.

Detectives obliged, telling Perry to meet inside of the restroom for some “privacy”, seemingly implying that there would be intimate relations there.

“A detective was able to get involved and pose as the child on the computer and meet was arraigned where he wanted to meet her in order to have sex with the young lady,” said Captain Xiques.

Instead of meeting the fourteen-year-old girl inside of the public restroom, Perry was completely shocked to see officers from the Pembroke Pines Police Department there waiting for him.

Perry was then charged with multiple counts of using an electronic device to attempt to entice a child for sexual relations.

He's now inside the Broward County Jail being held on a $100,000 bond until a court date later this month.

Captain Xiques told <a href="">CBS Miami</a>, “I want to alert parents to make sure they're aware of such risks and to ensure they're not allowing their kids to meet strangers off the internet for any reason.”

“There are predators out there,” said Capt. Xiques. “They are all throughout our community and if parents are not aware and in tune with what their children are doing on the Internet, these kinds of things can happen.”

At least one more Florida man won't be on the internet trying to lure children, for three foreseeable future anyway.

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Edwina McManus No. 12136 2017-11-17 : 12:56

So glad she had the moxie to tell her parents about this digusting piece of human garbage, not easy for fourteen year olds to get passed the embarrassment and shame. Brave girl.

Anonymous No. 12144 2017-11-17 : 14:04

He needs some vigilante justice

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