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Sylvester Stallone now Accused of Terrifying Rape of 16-Year-Old

We have another infamous Hollywood legend tumbling down into the gutter with an accusation that he not only forced a young child to give him oral sex, but he then threatened extreme violence against her if she told anyone.

Sylvester Stallone, one of the most famous names in Hollywood, of the films “Rocky”, and “Rambo”; is now being accused of attacking a female fan in the 1980s on the set of the film “Over The Top”.

The teenage girl says she was just sixteen years old at the time of the sexual assault, and Stallone, well, he was forty years of age.

According to incident reports, the girl and a friend were staying at the Las Vegas Hilton for ten days when the incident occurred. The friend talked the girl into going to law enforcement originally.

She said she was staying at the hotel for ten days between July 8th and July 28th where the movie was being filmed, and she met several of Stallone’s co-stars.

She first met David Mendenhall, who played the role of Stallone’s son in the movie, before finally meeting Stallone.

The young girl says that Stallone was filming the movie as he and his bodyguard, Michael “Mike” De Luca, approached her at the then Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in July of 1986.

He asked her how old she was, to which she told him sixteen, and he replied, “How did a girl like you get such a build?”

According to the girl, one of her friends first received a kiss from Stallone on the cheek, when he then asked them to return the kiss.

Being starstruck as a teenage girl, she, of course, listened in awe as Stallone and his bodyguard approached her, casually flirting with the superstar in complete admiration.

She says that fandom however quickly turned into a scene of horror after Stallone gave her keys to his hotel room to “come and hang out” with the celebrity.

Once inside, Stallone became overtly sexual, asking the young girl repulsive questions.

Stallone asked, “Have you ever had sex with two guys at once?”

Being a virgin child at the time the girl didn't know how to respond, she was just in awe that she had actually been given a chance to “hang out with Stallone”, but now was in a predicament where she was trapped.

Stallone then began to sexually groom her, before inevitably taking off her clothes and having sex with her.

Keep in mind Stallone was forty at the time, and the victim only sixteen years old.

Stallone talked in a profane way to the girl during sex with her, telling her she was “very tight” before he encouraged his bodyguard De Luca to “join them”, at which time the child claims comfort levels were at an all-time low.

She said she felt as if she had “no choice”, and that's when De Luca joined in as the pair raped her through both sodomy and vaginal penetration.

After the sex, she says that she was “forced to give De Luca oral sex” in the bathroom, at which time Stallone then “made her perform oral sex” on him as well.

After the pair viciously raped the young girl, they told her that if she told anyone they'd be forced to “beat her head in”, a threat made directly by Stallone.

She says both men said they were married and were laughing about the incident after they raped then threatened her.

According to retired Las Vegas Metro Police Detective Sergeant John Samolovitch, the girl actually contacted police, and he confirms the series of events as told now is identical to that of which were in the original police report.

However, she later decided not to pursue additional charges, saying that she was “embarrassed and ashamed”, and feared for her life, according to the police report.

Sylvester Stallone is now 71 years old, and the Hollywood mega-star has thus far refused to comment on the matter via personally or through his representatives.

Michael De Luca was shot and killed by police in 2013 after a traffic stop in California, so he clearly can never make a statement on the matter.

In what appears to be a nonstop theme of sexual assaults inside of Hollywood, we now have Sylvester Stallone accused of raping a teenage girl, something that will likely send more shock waves through the industry.

Tragic, but overdue in coming to light, proving that Hollywood is filled with lawless rapists and pedophiles.


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