By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-16-2017 | News
Photo credit: Emily Mueller | Facebook

Ohio Woman Whose Bee Maternity Shoot Went Viral Suffers Stillbirth

Emily Mueller posted sensational pregnancy photos on her facebook this August. It was with a swarm of bees covering her belly.

"[The photos] are absolutely beautiful," said Mueller. "They’re everything I ever wanted." Mueller made a career out of saving honey bees in Akron and surrounding areas.

Her husband and a photographer helped her out to make her "bee-autiful" photo shoot come to life.

"I had actually caught the swarm in Wadsworth that morning, prior, at one of the parks they had, so the parks and [recreation] people were only standing a few feet away through the whole thing," she said.

On Sunday she shared this sad news on Facebook that her baby, a boy was "born into an angel."

She has three other children.

According to her Facebook post, she was busy preparing for the scheduled event and did not pay attention to the movement of the baby inside.

According to her post, she says:

"Yesterday evening we had to hand over our precious child and say goodbye to his physical body forever,"

"Who truly does when you've been this far along 3 times before and everything has been completely normal," she wrote. "By evening I began to realize I had not felt the baby move much and had contractions that felt different than any I have had before."

"Our baby has died. Our baby will never come home with us," Mueller wrote. "This wonderful rainbow baby we were blessed with has now become a storm in our lives."

The next day, her family met Emersyn (baby 's name) and I said goodbye.

Mueller believes that the baby died of blood clotting problems.

Because some of her family members suffer from miscarriages for the same reason.

She also posted, "It felt like we had Emersyn for a day; for one day we got to give him all of us and to do important things that mattered."

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Anonymous No. 12053 2017-11-16 : 15:12

Mental illness is letting bees sting your pregnant stomach and expecting your unborn baby to survive.

Anonymous No. 12076 2017-11-16 : 18:15

How is this news? "Woman with 3 previous miscarriages miscarries again", shocking stuff.

Anonymous No. 12208 2017-11-18 : 12:30

Agree with 12076 .

This one boils down to a slow news day and National Enquirer type media sensationalism for reader / Viewer attention.

Anonymous No. 12216 2017-11-18 : 14:50

She didn't have three previous miscarriages, she has three children already that were born without problems.

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