By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-16-2017 | News
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Asian Man Assaulted By Racist Passenger While Riding on Train

A passenger on the BART train in the Northern California Bay Area caught a disturbing incident where an Asian man was abused verbally and about to be hit and punched.

In the video, a drunk white man pointed out an Asian man, calling him "Chinese n * gger." The Asian man was patient. His attacker hit his chest hard and said more racistic abusing words. The victim st was trying to keep calm, but he eventually stood up and try to defend himself. Right after that, young black woman cut in between them.

The person who shared this video, who is also A Reddit user, provided the following context:

“This happened last night (11/13/2017) when I was taking BART in the south Fremont direction when this old white man started directing racial slurs to a fellow Asian passenger. I started filming this just in case there’s a need for visual evidence, and called the BART police right after the video was over. The Asian man never paid attention to him after that, and the old man left before the police arrived. Many passengers actually helped to prevent any further escalation, but none really tried to speak up and defend him (including me). I honestly didn’t know what’s the best course of action other than calling the police and collecting evidence.

“After looking at all the comments, I feel like I should have done more in defending him, but I was scared myself since I’m Asian as well. I guess I’m a coward after all.

“I called the police after this, and many passengers actually did their best in preventing any further escalation. I was in the situation and honestly was scared of speaking up, since I didn’t know what I could do to help (other than starting a bigger verbal war and risked getting attacked as well).”

The story doesn't end yet.

Surprisingly, A Reddit user claiming to be the man who was harassed posted on Reddit.

“Ok so I’m half hoping no one sees this. That’s me he is “harassing”. This started because the old man was yelling the Nword repeatedly and noone was doing or saying a damn thing about it. I told him to stop talking repeatedly and that’s what’s caused him to start yelling at me. I am both proud and embarrassed that I didn’t hit him.

OP you were sitting with another Asian dude behind me, there was another Asian couple standing who didn’t say anything and after he got off Bart at Union City I asked for Hand sanitizer

Edit: I am extremely grateful to the woman for stopping me I was 5seconds from doing something stupid.

Edit 2: Anyone know Ellen? And just for clarification my username stands for In Jim Harbaugh We Trust.

Edit 3: Yay gold!!! Thanks to all of you for the kindness. I’m terrible at taking positivity and kind words so I will say thanks to you all. Honestly, I just had enough and didn’t want to hear his voice. In hindsight it was probably dumb as he could have had a weapon but I did what I thought was right. I guess I will say stand up for those around you but be smart and safe about it.”

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Anonymous No. 12058 2017-11-16 : 15:21

Fucking black bitch got in the way of some sweet street justice. Fucking black nigger ruining our show.

Anonymous No. 12075 2017-11-16 : 18:05

Looked like the aggressor was a few eggs short of a dozen to me??

Anonymous No. 12086 2017-11-16 : 21:50

Racism was the real problem here, not glue, legalise it!

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