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Photo credit: CBP

Our Border Patrol Agents are the boots in the ground getting covered in dirt each and every day in our country as they strive to protect these United States of America and the borders around us that ensure we shall not be invaded.

Just this past weekend Border Patrol in Texas, near the Falfurrias Checkpoint, were conducting routine immigration inspections at their location when a rental truck which was being driven by a United States citizen approached the primary inspection lane to be serviced.

As Border Patrol agents made contact with the driver of the rental vehicle, a K9 became hysterical and alerted agents towards the cargo area of the trailer.

Agents knew they had something major occurring in that region of the vehicle, which they assumed was likely narcotics.

To their shock however they found 26 illegal aliens which were discovered concealed inside a modified compartment of the rental truck.

Many of the illegals were battered and bruised so they were offered medical attention but declined.

Fortunately, the driver was arrested and will face human trafficking and immigration violations.

“It is truly disheartening to see ruthless smugglers continue to use tactics that recklessly jeopardize human life,” said Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr. “We need to stand together and deliver the message that these immigrants are humans, not cargo.”

The United States Border Patrol deserves a major round of applause for this and all of their daily efforts in keeping America safe.


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