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Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trump Raises $100k In Donations

A couple weeks ago, The Goldwater reported on a woman who was captured by a press photographer as she flipped off President Trump's motorcade and lost her job for it.

Juli Briskman admitted to her employers it was her in the photo and removed the image from her social media but she was still fired despite similarly controversial posts being made by other employees who were not fired.

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Briskman then set out to raise money for herself through Go Fund Me. The crowdfunding website has raised $105,108 of her $100,000 goal. She essentially just took a good amount of Trump haters for their money. I mean she flipped off the President and got $100,000 for it! If you know there are enough people out there who would get behind your cause and you do something bold like that for the attention you can turn that into a profit.

$100,000 isn't a giant sum in comparison to say the wealth of Trump himself, but she certainly managed to cash in on the lewd and disrespectful act. After reaching the goal, Briskman said, "I am not sure what the future holds, but I am buoyed by your support. For now, I can just say THANK YOU and promise to be a good steward of these funds."

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