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Under very rare circumstances do you hear of sane individuals smearing themselves with blood, unless it’s a plank?

If you think you’ve heard of weird folk, well, its time you met a 62-year-old man who has been arrested after police received a report of someone smeared in blood outside a western Michigan gas station.

If I were one of the police officers, the first thing that would have crossed my mind would have been to suspect the man of committing a heinous crime such as murder, thus leaving him with blood smeared on his clothes and body.

A report released by Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole on Wednesday revealed that deputies were questioning the man on Monday afternoon after seeing blood on an adjacent trailer home in Custer Township.

The County Sheriff revealed that Roy Purple “bum-rushed” and fell on one of the deputies. Later on, the Deputies learned that the blood was from a dead deer. Guess they took a sigh of relief!

The County Sheriff also revealed that three other men in the trailer appeared intoxicated, they told deputies that they were cooking food and walked them to a ditch “where the dead deer was with chunks of meat cut out of it.”

The police charged Purple with resisting arrest. They’ve scheduled His preliminary examination on the 6th of Dec. The Associated Press left a message Wednesday seeking comment from his lawyer.


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Who kills a deer and just cuts out a few bits to leave the rest to rot in a ditch?

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