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Clinton,Trump Poised for historic debate battle

Monday’s debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton will rival the audience of a Super Bowl telecast. It is looking like over 100 million people intend to tune in and pay attention. This will be a record setter for sure.

Hillary Clinton has a lot to overcome. Her lack of charisma in public speaking is quite obvious. She will certainly not be up for any Academy Awards soon. With her chronic health issues. It may even be difficult for her to stay on her feet for the entire debate. Since the traumatic brain injury she suffered in 2012. Clinton has never been the same publicly. With sophisticated coaching from her ocular implant. It is possible she may be able to overcome these obstacles and appear presidential while maintaining her composure. It won’t be easy for her, as her opponent is sophisticated and has all of the public abilities that Clinton lacks.

Look for Clinton to lash out at Trump on subjects that she might perceive him weak on. Expect character attacks, as Hillary will almost certainly bring up the Birther movement that Trump was a vocal supporter of, although this may backfire on Clinton as she also supported the Birther movement in her campaign against President Obama during the last presidential election. At least Mrs. Clinton won’t have to worry about her husband’s mistress Gennifer Flowers attending the debate. Trump graciously announced that he did not send her an official invitation.

Donald Trump is going to have to maintain his composure during the upcoming verbal assaults that are likely to come from Clinton against him. If he can overcome Hillary’s shrill attacks, and appear presidential, without losing his temper. It is likely that “the Donald” will be able to counter anything that Clinton can throw at him. Trump also has to worry about the bias of the moderator. Lester Holt is a noted liberal, and will certainly try to swing the debate for Clinton.

Trump has never held public office, but has plenty of public speaking experience, and surely will be able to think on his feet to stay ahead of Mrs. Clinton. While Hillary Clinton will just be trying hard to stay on her feet, because of her recent disease. This may be more difficult than anyone has predicted. 90 minutes standing can be grueling for a unhealthy 70 year old woman.

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