By: Steve Dellar | 11-15-2017 | News
Photo credit: Private Jet Studio | Instagram

For $200, “Private Jet Studio” Turns You Into A “Rich Kids Of Instagram” Member

Millennials have a saying when it comes to social media fame. It’s known as ‘fake it till you make it’, meaning that whatever you see on social media isn’t necessarily true, but as long as looks true for your followers and gets you more of them, that’s what counts.

A Russian venture has taken this saying to mind and opened the now very successful ‘Private Jet Studio’, where for as little as $200 you can pretend to be a member of the infamous “Rich Kids of Instagram” group for a day.

Private Jet Studio’s website promises instant Instagram followers because “this is the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft. The luxurious interior of the aircraft is made of high-quality and natural materials.”

“You can organize an unusual and unforgettable photo shooting for yourself and your customers, which they will never forget.”

For the base package of $200 you get a two-hour photo-shoot in a plane that never actually leaves the ground, but hey, just staring out of the window while you take the picture can make it look like you did anyway.

The studio’s Instagram page shows how inventive people have been to try and look good by “sleeping on planes”, bringing their dogs on board, park their rented supercars outside of the plane or just pose as they are walking towards the waiting jet.

There is a while list of props that you can rent such as magazines, food platters, and bottles of champagne.

Just remember that next time you look at someone else’s picture on social media, it is not all gold that glitters; and your own attempts to make your life seem glamorous on social media is just amateurism compared to these guys.


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Anonymous No. 11946 2017-11-15 : 13:19

kidz nowadayz :|

Anonymous No. 11953 2017-11-15 : 14:17

what a waste of money. i would rather spend 200 dollars on tithings at church.

Anonymous No. 11968 2017-11-15 : 16:17

Charge a grand. Make sure these narcissistic dumbshits are eating ramen and surrounded by overdue internet bills while they jet set with their imaginary friends.

Anonymous No. 11985 2017-11-15 : 19:30

the world is so fake

and it's only going to get worse.

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