By: Earnie Wright | 11-15-2017 | News
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Mysterious Robocall Seeks ‘Damaging’ Information on Moore: A Reward of Between $5000 and $7000

Someone posing as a Washington Post reporter sent a robocall offering money for “damaging remarks” about Alabama Republican Roy Moore. However, the Post has confirmed that its fake, the Post said Tuesday after a local station in Alabama reported the incident.

The robocall is an apparent attempt to discredit the Post’s reporting on sexual assault allegations against the U.S. Senate candidate.

The Post’s executive editor Marty Baron released a statement to the station saying the call is a hoax.

“The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality,” Baron said. “We are shocked and appalled that anyone would stoop to this level to discredit real journalism.”

An astounding statement was released by Marty Baron, who is the executive editor of the Washington Post saying:

“The Post has just learned that at least one person in Alabama has received a call from someone falsely claiming to be from The Washington Post. The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality. We are shocked and appalled that anyone would stoop to this level to discredit real journalism.”

There’s also another development revolving around the U.S. Senate race in Alabama. It turns out that at least one individual received a robocall seeking more damaging information about Roy Moore. The statement below shows the text contained in the voicemail message received by Pastor Al Moore in Creola.

“Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein, I’m a reporter for the Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5000 and $7000 dollars. We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report. I can be reached by email at [email protected], thank you.”

A report released by Pastor Moore indicates that he’s baffled about who might be behind the message. He points out that he sent a response to the email address provided but it came back undeliverable.

One of the associates of Roy Moore’s campaign, John Rogers revealed that it’s the first time he’s heard of this type of robocall. It’s highly unlikely that a newspaper would offer thousands of dollars for information, damaging or otherwise. An extensive search at the Washington Post indicates that there’s no record of a ‘Bernie’ or ‘Al Bernstein’ who works as a reporter at the Post, begging the question as to who’s behind the plot.


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Anonymous No. 11927 2017-11-15 : 10:26

Why is it that these "victims" kept quiet for 40 years during numerous other elections and appointments for Judge Moore?

Why only now during a senate election that could be the turning point of America as we know it?

Where were these same DC Swampers for the factually proven victims of the Clinton's, Kennedy's and others Swampers?

Why are they so full of justice now?

I keep seeing …Staged Fake NEWS, using Socialist-Democrat funding, by a Globalist Gov. group seeking OPEN BORDERS

Anonymous No. 11929 2017-11-15 : 10:40

Something not mention widely in the media. The US (Swamper Club) Senate is openly stating if elected they will refuse to seat him.

Think about this.

A person never indicted or convicted of any crime.

A person duly elected by the voters of Alabama.

A person that has had 3 of 4 victims already outright discredited by many sources and even family members and the 4th is shaky at best for facts after 40 years, an Anti-Trumper, and worked the DNC and was a close Biden supporter.

Why Now during the closing days of the election, and at no time during the last 40 years?

Alabama Voters are being told by the DC Swampers, they will not accept the Alabama voters choice, nor allow their dully elected official in the senate.

That their voting rights end when the DC Swampers decide they do.

What happen to America and due process of Laws abd Innocent until PROVEN Guilty?

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