By Kyle James   |  11-15-2017   News
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A despicable abuse of miniature pony at a children's petting zoo was carried out by a Syrian immigrant at Goelitzer Park, in Berlin. The 23-year-old Syrian immigrant raped the pony right in front children and other visitors at the Kinderbauernhof (children's farm).

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The mother of a child who witnessed the rape was interviewed by the Berliner Morgenpost and told the newspaper, "My babysitter was at Goerlitzer Park with our son when they witnessed the man carrying out a sexual act on the pony. The babysitter informed the parks staff about the rape but refused to talk about it any further due to the fact it was "too traumatizing".

The babysitter presented a photo of the sexual act taking place to an employee of the children's zoo who contacted police. When the man realized he was being photographed he got off the animal and disappeared further into the park.

The kid's petting zoo is popular in Germany's capital, especially among young families and there are two ponies, two donkeys, half a dozen sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits at the farm.

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Anonymous No. 11918 1510733648

what an animal

Anonymous No. 11920 1510734682

was hoping for the real footage

Anonymous No. 11922 1510740634

Twilight Sparkle nooooooo!

Anonymous No. 11930 1510742569

Is this what they call…. "Ponying up" ☺

Anonymous No. 12083 1510868712

Even ponies need to get enriched.

Bbrenner No. 11923 1532852009
What do you think of Merkles Syrian children immigr as nts?
Anonymous No. 11924 1532852047
What do you think of Merkles Syrian children immigr as nts?
Anonymous No. 11925 1536103239
These refugees are so sick. And you idiots on the left want them in our country. I would keep an eye on my animals if I owned a farm.
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