By: Kyle James | 11-15-2017 | News
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White People Invited To "Meet A Black Person"

Perhaps your one of the few Americans in 2017 that has never met a black person. Maybe you've seen one in passing at the airport but have never had the chance to actually speak with one. Well, a professional group in Atlanta is looking to change that by inviting white people to "Come Meet A Black Person."

Cheryle Moses says, "If white folks don't have none of us in their lives, they're the ones missing out." Moses says new research shows that three-quarters of white people don't count any non-white people among their friends inspired her to create the event.

She went on to say it wasn't her intention to create a provocative name for the event, but rather she just wants to build relationships of trust and understanding.

"My question is why do a lot of white folks get offended when anyone brings up race or racism? Let's walk through it, talk about it. If we are friends, you can sit down with friends and agree to disagree," Moses said. "Woke white folks gotta talk to white folks," she said. "They gotta take care of that."

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Anonymous No. 11879 2017-11-15 : 01:18

Hopefully these meetings will lead to real time spent together. People are on their best behavior at first. Spend some time with them and you get the real deal. Blacks are just as prejudiced as anybody. It’s human nature to be suspicious of those from different groups. Ask your new black friends what they think about Asians. Go ahead, find out what they really think.

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