By: Philip | 11-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: USCG

Coast Guard Returns With 10 Tons of Cocaine, 50 Pounds Heroin, $300 Million USD Street Value

It must be cocaine season. Whether it's snowing in your hometown yet this winter or not, it seems some very large amounts of snow have been seized in the past few days.

November 9 it was a <a href="">record breaking 12 tons</a> seized in Colombia headed for the US. November 10 it was a $3 million dollar worth of cocaine seized from <a href="">a well-known bodybuilder in Syracuse.</a> November 12 it was $21.5 million dollars worth of cocaine seized from <a href="">Canadian porn star Isabelle Lagace</a> (not to be confused with the Canadian DJ who was stopped last month while attempting to smuggle <a href="">$22 million dollars worth of cocaine).

Also November 12th, 12 tons (several million dollars worth) of <a href="">cocaine was seized in Spain.</a>

Yesterday it was <a href="">1.3 million worth of blow in Aukland, New Zealand, but today may just take the cake. <a href="">10 tons of cocaine and 50 pounds of heroin</a> were just floated home by Coast Guard officials. The street value is estimated at $300 million. Of the latest bust, Cdr. John McTamney, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Cutter Spencer said, “This represents a very significant disruption to the supply chain of various transnational criminal organizations.” The tons of illicit cargo was intercepted during multiple interdiction missions.

“It often happens at night,” he explained. “We’re maneuvering toward a vessel that is not lit at all with the proper navigation lights and is trying to evade us at a high rate of speed.”

It's not even Turkey Day yet, but if this trend keeps up then cokeheads may be dreaming of a snow-white Christmas in vain.

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Anonymous No. 11898 2017-11-15 : 05:25

wonder how high the coast guard got on the way back though. .

Anonymous No. 11899 2017-11-15 : 05:27

Somebody's having a party.

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