By: Earnest Jones | 01-27-2017 | News
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'Madonna’s Comments Were Disgraceful To The U.S' Says Pres. Trump

Madonna made an unhinged outburst followed by irresponsible comments about blowing the White House. Following this unfortunate incidence, President Trump has slammed Madonna as he labelled her as disgusting. In an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity on Thursday, Trump expressed his feelings about the singer saying that from an honest standpoint, she’s disgusting and that she hurt herself very bad. Trump also added that Madonna also hurt the whole cause by her irresponsible comments.

It’s without a doubt that Madonna’s comments were disgraceful to our country. The singer spoke during the Womens March the day after the inauguration saying that she was angry, outraged, and that she had thought of blowing up the White House, adding that she knew very well that it won’t change anything.

Madonna also added that the U.S. citizens cannot fall into despair as she quoted the poet W.H. Auden who wrote that we must love one another or die and that she chose to love. Following the nasty comments, Madonna has since defended herself with an Instagram post saying that she is not a violent person neither does she promote violence adding that it’s important for people to hear and understand her speech in its entirety rather than one phrase that was taken wildly out of context.

The Saturday Night Live show was also slammed by President Trump after one of its writers made nasty jokes about Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron. Trump said that a person from Saturday Night Live was terrible. He also made it clear that he doesn’t mind some humor ,but it’s terrible for NBC to attack his 10-year-old adding that it was a disgrace.

The SNL’s Katie Rich has been widely condemned after the tweet: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”. During the interview, Trump also heaped praise on Barack Obama as he spoke of the gracious way he handed over to him. Trump also said that he was amazed by the fact that him and Obama were both harsh on each other yet as they rode up Pennsylvania Avenue, they didn’t mention it. As he also added that it’s the world of politics and that he thinks that Obama likes him.

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