By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: Kenneth Smith | Youtube

Surprise Update: Crazy Anti-Trump Liberal Arrested

Orange County, Aliso Viejo CA – David Kenneth Smith, 39-years-old, was arrested early November, following an investigation involving the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He posted videos of himself holding guns and smiling while describing his desire to go on a killing people. He said "What Good Does Killing Ever Do?" talking about how a "killing spree".

He used to be a student of "Soka University" located at Aliso Viejo CA, which is a local small liberal arts college, to which he kept making criminal threats. In the video, Smith said college employees "never liked me" and described being repeatedly fined for residence hall violations and accused of stealing another student's belongings.

Afte the investigation, nine firearms, all registered to Smith legally, were found at his place.

Also, Smith was found that has posted many videos ranting about president Trump. In one video, he stated how President Trump is "systematically dismantling" his beloved Obama's "presidential legacy."

“Investigators believed the suspect’s threats were credible and an attack possible,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

It is obvious that for some people the most important thing is to hold some weapons and present that they have the power. It doesn't matter if Democrats or Republicans, doesn't matter if you like Trump or not if you are for Hilary or not.

If you keep going all the way to left, it eventually becomes right. Vice versa.

Hopefully, some people keep going all the way to hate, and turning into love.

Vice versa? Yes. If you keep going too much love, it turns out to hate.

So what is the opposite of Love/Hate?

To be indifferent.


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Anonymous No. 11848 2017-11-14 : 17:23

Great article, good point about how too much unrestrained passion and love can manifest in hate. It's a delicate balance.

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