By: Steve Dellar | 11-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: @USNavy | Twitter

Hoax? Rescued Sailors' Story Becomes More Unbelievable

Ms Jennifer Appel and Ms Tasha Fuiava were the two American sailors that sprang to worldwide fame after being rescued by the US Navy after being lost at sea for five months.

But immediately, many critics have cast doubt on their story of, first of all, being lost at sea for five months and, secondly, encountering sharks during an ill-fated sailing trip to Tahiti. But the women are standing by their account of the “absolutely terrifying” ordeal.

As Matt Lauer of the Today Show already stated when he interviewed them last week: “You never used your distress beacon. Why?”.

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Well on top of that, we could now add, you made up a story about that Taiwanese fishing vessel. Why?

According to the two women, just before being saved by a US Navy ship, they were eventually spotted by a Taiwanese fishing boat, that towed them closer to shore.

But in the Today Show interview last week, they once again changed their story, when Ms Appel said: "While the media portrayed a rescue with the Taiwanese fishing vessel, they were actually the reason why we called for help."

"The Taiwanese fishing vessel was not planning to rescue us, they tried to kill us during the night," before adding that the Taiwanese vessel "purposely rammed against us."

Given these insinuations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan conducted an immediate investigation and has today launched an official statement in which it vehemently denies the accusations that any of their vessels would have rammed the US ship.

Armed with data from Taiwan's National Rescue Command Center and the Fisheries Agency's e-monitoring system, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Mr Andrew Lee said the speed of the Taiwanese vessel, the Feng Chun No. 66 and its positions can prove that it did not ram the sailboat of the two Americans.

"We are not certain why they made such ungrounded accusations," Mr Lee stated.


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hahahahaha, buuuusted!

Anonymous No. 11903 2017-11-15 : 05:39

Notice that she literally says "Garmin makes a great product" and shows the device. Then she names the water purifier brand. Wonder how much they got paid for each mention.

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