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Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer on "Campus Tour"

Alt-right activist and leader Richard Spencer is keen on widening further his "popularity" or spreading his political beliefs by touching base with college students. Spencer is poised to go on a college campus tour this 2017 that- if there are interested takers.

Spencer posted the promotions for the said tour on his Radix Journal, billing himself as "one of the most politically incorrect men alive!". He also makes a pitch for his debating skills, saying

"he'll debate with your favorite feminist professor". He also promises to take on the SJWs as he says he'll "make the SJWs cry and rustle the jimmies of the campus, if not the world." SJW, of course, is the pejorative term used to refer to or describe progressive activists.

Spencer dubbed his planned campus tour as the "Danger Zone Tour" and has started fundraising efforts for the said endeavor. So far, though, there are no confirmed campuses or schedules yet. Spencer has an advertisement for the tour on his Twitter, though.

The man mainly credited for popularizing the alt-right movement is also banking on previous exposure and appearances to boost his anticipated campus tours. He participated in the Texas A & M early December last year. Spencer also gives out frequent media interviews.

Spencer is looking at such events as a great opportunity for him and his group to "communicate their message", and a promising means for him too reach millions of people who otherwise would not have heard of their ideas. Spencer says he even feels like a "rockstar" doing such stuff.

Spencer also got involved in another controversy during President Trump's inauguration when he was hit on the face by a man while giving a media interview on the streets of Washington. His supporters have launched a massive effort to identify and track down Spencer's assailants and bring him to justice through the crowdsourcing journalism site WeSearchr. They have easily raised the bounty to more than $5,000 in just a few days.

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