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FLOTUS Ready To Fight Back Against Online Abusers And Attackers

Destructive detractors and bully bashers will be in for a surprise because graceful, quiet and unassuming she may be but First Lady Melania Trump is ready to fight back against haters who have become abusive against her, her son 10-year old Barron, and the honor of the FLOTUS position.

The first lady is assembling a strong team to help her fight back against social media attacks on her, her being FLOTUS and on Barron. Vogue former staff Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is reportedly being tapped to serve as Melania's chief strategist in her battle against abusive comments on social media. Wolkoff planned and worked on several inauguration events.

While assembling her team of experts, ordinary Americans are taking the cudgels for Melania and are passionately defending the first lady on social media, especially against the most abusive, hostile and pathetic attackers. One of such attackers is actress Chelsea Handler who has been tweeting several malicious posts against the first lady.

Handler deliberately selected and used an unflattering random photo of the First Couple, President Donald Trump and Melania, taken during the inauguration from among hundreds of beautiful photos to conclude that the pair is " unhappy" about their marriage. The actress also suggested that Melania could be trapped or imprisoned in an abusive relationship with the president and tweeted that she should just " blink" if she needed help, or rescue, from the public. Truly outrageous lies and preposterous, baseless speculations. Worse, she also mocked the first lady for her English and recommended that she should not speak the language simply because of her accent.

The comments and feedback in support of the first lady turned out to be more sensible. "Continuing to attack the FLOTUS is more proof that those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant of all", one netizen said. Another posted: " Have you got only one joke? Mocking one person as "they can't speak English mocks all immigrants, mocks my family."

Even Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has contributed his sentiments, and should make abusive attackers like Handler nervous. "Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner. Don't be fooled by her accent. Melania is bright and articulate. To be clear, our first lady speaks multiple languages, I believe five. How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?" , tweeted Cohen.

It is not yet clear whether taking legal action will be part of the first lady's strategy in fighting back, but it is not a remote idea. Attackers would be good to know that Melania will not hesitate to turn to the power of law when she thinks abuses have crossed the line. Last year, Melania filed a $150 million lawsuit against the parent corporation of the The Daily Mail, a British publication, and a Maryland blogger named Webster Griffin Tarpley, who she said defamed her by publishing reports claiming she was at one time an escort. Both publication retracted their stories but the lawsuit against them has not been withdrawn, and they still have to face the charges.

Last year, Youtube uploader James Hunter maliciously suggested in a video deliberately edited to make the subject be seen in an unfavorable light that 10-year old Barron could be autistic. Host Rosie O' Donnell shared the video with her own uncalled for remarks against an innocent child. Melania called on her lawyers and threatened to sue Hunter while calling O' Donnell a bully. Both Hunter and O' Donnell apologized for their complicity and lapses, perhaps fearing legal reprisal.

Such cases are proof that the first lady cannot be pushed around and abused, and just expect her to grin and bear it. Strong and sensible, Melania sure knows when and how to fight back fiercely.

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MS McCreedy No. 1184 2017-01-27 : 18:16

Good for her. These sleazeballs need to learn that they cannot do or say anything that they want without consequences. Time to take out the garbage.

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