By: Savannah Smith | 01-27-2017 | News
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Avengers Director Reverses Himself Amidst Backlash, Says 'Dog' Insult Not Meant For Ivanka

Sore losers never quite run out of excuses. When they cannot accept their humiliating loss, they cry out a litany of alibis to explain their setback, and hit the winners for the flimsiest of reasons- or none at all- to undermine their victories. Democrats and their supporters are the perfect example of sore, absolutely "can not move on losers", still crying over their spilled milk, so to speak.

Democrats' responses to their sorry loss reveal their real character, exposing their hypocrisy and debunking their so- called political correctness and value for tolerance. TV and Film director Joss Whedon is one such example. He has always been a staunch critic of President Donald Trump and has been known for tweeting hateful and offensive messages against the Republican leader. But the Avengers director took his vile tweets to a new all-time low and deplorable level when, in his contempt of the president, he insulted husband and wife Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Funny thing is, when he was widely slammed for his derogatory comments, the once seemingly fearless director makes a shameless turnaround. A sly move that fools no one.

Whedon earlier this week tweeted a photo of Kushner, a White House senior adviser, as he looks on while the President signs documents, and wrote the derogatory caption: " Hey, keep your eyes on this [email protected]&$ing prize, too. He's a Voldemort in training, and unlike the Pekingese he married under, can play then long game."

Whedon received a strong public backlash for his tweet, with social media users mostly united with the view that he went overboard when he not only hit Kushner, but startlingly involved Ivanka and disparagingly compared her to a dog breed.

Reactions from netizens were more sensible. "You just called Ivanka a dog because you don't agree with Trump. Classy.", one social media user told Whedon. " What happened to you? What caused you to become so hateful?", asked another. " Maybe next time just come put and say " bitch" . You ain't fooling anyone with "Pekingese". Is this how you fight for women's rights?", shared another netizen. And another questioned attacking presidential children for the supposed sins of their fathers, " Was it okay to attack Obama's children? No. So stop attacking Trump's children. People like you are the problem. Just keep it cool."

Whedon's hypocrisy was further revealed with his uncalled for sexist insult of Ivanka since he has always passed himself off as a feminist. Earlier, he also tweeted a derogatory, quite sexist message for actress Nicole Kidman for expressing her support for Trump and calling on Americans to accept the election result, and called her a "puppet for Trump" and insinuated that she was " plastic".

Curiously, though, just today as the backlash against him continues for his insult of Ivanka, Whedon posted a Twitter message tagged to Huffington Post that reveals a huge turnaround:

"the Pekingese he married under" refers to his ugly, yappy father-in-law, not Ivanka. Can't believe I have to explain that."

Sly move by the director , but seems like he can't really fool everyone. His earlier message was clear and the people have made their just conclusion. Besides, Whedon should focus on discussing policies and his opposition to the Trump administration in an intelligent manner using sound arguments based on issues, instead of resorting to useless name-calling that's worse than a dog's excessive barks. Otherwise, he should be ready to hear more Americans avenging his online bullying victims.

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