By: Savannah Smith | 01-26-2017 | News
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American Public Showing Some Good Love for Melania and Ivanka Trump

First Lady Melania Trump received a lot of undeserved bashing from her husband's opponents and haters during the fiercely-fought campaign.

Arrogant fashion designers also turned their anger against Donald Trump on her, refusing to dress her up after her partner's victory - and whether they admit it or not, it is with the intention to humiliate the then incoming first lady.

Sadly, even fellow women continue to oppress her, with a number of them making her the subject of wild intrigues and object of ridicule in their pathetic pussyhat-wearing so-called Women's March. However, those women only succeeded in revealing their hypocrisy and mean spirits.

But always, Melania managed to survive, grin and bear everything thrown her way with class, grace and dignity. She refused to engage in unproductive and nasty talks, only speaking on matters when she feel the absolute need to. And during her husband's Inauguration as the 45th President of the U.S., Melania channeled iconic former first lady Jackie O' in a fabulous blue jersey dress by no less than famed designer Ralph Lauren, effectively putting to shame all the self-important designers who rejected and snubbed her.

In stark contrast to some noisy bashers and haters, the American public is, in fact, showing their love and appreciation for the First Lady. A recent survey by Politico/Morning Consult finds 47% of voters have a favorable view of Melania, more than the 32% who view her unfavorably. Melania's ratings have improved since her speech at the Republican National Convention when poll results then showed she was viewed favorably by only 42% of the voters.

51% or half of the voters want the low-key First Lady to take an active role in the president's administration. Melania, however, has opted to remain in New York for the rest of her son, Barron's school year.

The same survey finds voters view the President's daughter and acknowledged campaign adviser, Ivanka Trump, even more favorably. 49% of voters have a favorable view of Ivanka compared to just 30% who hold an unfavorable view. Ivanka often described as her father's secret weapon, and seen by many as beautiful, intelligent and articulate have maintained a steady favorable ratings from voters.

45% of voters want Ivanka to take an active role in her father's presidency. While Ivanka and her family have moved to Washington D.C. as husband Jared Kushner is serving a senior adviser post in the White House, she has not made any announcement on any official role for her under the Trump administration. She promised last year, however, to push for her signature issues like child care, women's issues and even climate change under her father's presidency.

The said poll on Melania and Ivanka Trump's ratings was conducted from January 20-22 among 1,992 voters.

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