By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-13-2017 | News
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It Begins: Wounded North Korean Soldier Defects Across DMZ

A North Korean soldier fled to the south on Monday after being shot by the North Korean army and injured. According to officials from the Ministry of Defense, the soldiers were injured in the shoulder and elbow on the south side of Panmunjom's border village, about 50 meters south of the military borderline. He has escaped from a nearby North Korean guard post and he was being treated at a hospital.

The ministry official said, “The defector was urgently transferred to hospital in a helicopter of the United Nations Command, and there was no exchange of fire with our side,” continuing,“Since it was an area exposed to the North, we had to crawl toward there to get him out,”

There was no comment from North Korea.

More than 1,000 North Korean refugees yearly to Korea every year, most of them are escaping via China. The 38 border between North Korea and South Korea has been practically in warfare since the Korean War. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to exile aside from this borderline. The most recent border crossing was June. According to the Korean military officials, the health status of the soldiers exiled and the rank of the army are in the process of verification.

North Korea conducted missile launch experiments and nuclear tests several times this year.

According to some reports, Hawaii is said to have entered the range of North Korean missiles, and the tension with the United States is also rising.

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Anonymous No. 11748 2017-11-13 : 15:31

One soldier could be the start, but I doubt it.

Anonymous No. 11754 2017-11-13 : 15:42

One soldiers could indeed be the beginning, time will tell.

Anonymous No. 11755 2017-11-13 : 15:50

Has anyone tried to tunnel over there?

Anonymous No. 11761 2017-11-13 : 16:24

North Korean soldiers use AK derivatives, not AR15s. 0/10 bad article picture

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