By: Lawrence Synder | 01-26-2017 | News
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Japan Rejects U.S.’ War Efforts Against Terrorism

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe maintained that the country will not offer any type of support to the U.S. in war efforts against terrorist organizations including the Islamic State. Abe stressed that Japan will not provide military or logistical support to the U.S. even if President Donald Trump declares war.

During his inauguration speech, Trump promised that his administration will do whatever it can to thwart terrorism. He also noted that Japan’s Self-Defense Forces will join the U.S. in its war efforts as agreed upon in last year’s national security legislation.

During a recent party representatives’ session, Abe was asked to confirm Japan’s participation in the U.S.’ military operations against the Islamic State. In response to the question and Trump’s statement at his inauguration, Abe stated that Japan will not support the U.S.

“Our nation is not going to partake in military operations or provide logistic support,” Abe said according to the Asahi Shimbun.

“Under this matter, we as a nation need to make a judgement on our own initiative, and I will thoroughly explain this to the Trump administration,” he added.

According to Abe, Japan’s decision not to join the war against the Islamic State was a political one. However, he did not go into detail regarding his reasons for not joining the military efforts against terrorist groups.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, has not yet responded to Abe’s statements.

This is not the first time that Abe’s administration rejected the U.S.’ call to war against the Islamic State. In January of last year, after two Japanese hostages were killed by members of ISIS, the prime minister stated that it will not take any kind of military action against the terrorists, according to Time. Instead, the only type of support that Japan promised to its allies was humanitarian assistance.

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