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Israeli Defense Chief Says Army Will Go ‘Full Force’ In Future Wars

In a statement released by Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli army will go in full force in future wars. The Defense Minister insisted that the Israeli Army will stop at nothing to defeat the enemy in conflicts to come, adding that they won’t stop until the adversary waves a white flag.

Lieberman also slammed third parties that have been meddling with Israel related conflicts, as he also pointed out to attempts by Russia, U.S., and especially the E.U in playing an intermediary role in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

In a report issued by RT, Lieberman was speaking at a two-day security conference that was held in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. The leader of the nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party and long-term ally of Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is determined to fight till the bitter end and not settle for half measures.

Lieberman told the audience that it doesn’t matter where the next conflict will break out, the IDF will have to be at full strength as he added that it was necessary to recruit the entire army, reserves, and go full strength until the very end and thus ensuring that the other end raises a white flag.

Lieberman is known for his warmongering views and vocal support for settlement activity, lashed out at the international community, including the US, Russia, and the EU, for their attempts to play an intermediary role in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

The Defense Minister argued that the efforts are largely in vain and that the world is largely failing at mediation, listing Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan among others as examples. Lieberman also emphasized that the over-involvement of the world powers, especially Europe is of no benefit as it only serves to complicate things. Although Lieberman rejected Western mediation, he also admitted that an Israeli-Palestinian settlement cannot be reached solely by the efforts of the two opposing sides.

Netanyahu together with Lieberman authorized the construction of another 2,500 housing units in the occupied West Bank. The 100 of the projected homes are set to be built in the town of Beit EL. Reports have it that the settlement received funds from the family of US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner from 2010 to 2014.

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