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Video: Fight at a McDonald's Drive-Thru Over Chicken Involves the Usual Suspects

Sometimes you just need to fulfill a craving.

For a McDonald's in Indianapolis, Indiana, however, those cravings for their processed meat chicken nuggets resulted in a brutal smack down between a customer and a cashier.

That's right folks, some people just really enjoy their chicken. A special kind of person.

The entire incident unfolded in the drive-thru, where Monique McNeely was the second car in line at the window waiting to get her order as she was able to capture the extraordinarily usual actions of a specific group of people reclaiming their natural habitat.

“I was just tryin’ eat ya'll,” said McNeely, explaining how she was just as shocked as the rest of the world to witness the viral video.

“It was a little disturbing at first, but I knew that if I got it on video that I would be able to help the individuals inside the McDonald’s because this is proof that, you know, something horrible was happening to these individuals,” McNeely said.

McNeely said that as she sat in the line waiting on her food she heard commotion, and screaming.

Being the opportunist available at the time, McNeely pulled out her phone and began recording.

That's when the customer, and her passenger both in front of her in a silver car, jumped out of their car, and into the drive-thru window of the McDonald's.

Apparently what happened was the customer was complaining thirty she didn't receive all of her chicken, but the manager told her that's all she ordered.

Being the animals that they were, it quickly turned into a showdown between primate-like sentients as the driver swung through the window like she was making a slam dunk throwing elbows and punches and artificial fingernails gouging at the employee’s face.

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“They did it with such tenacity and force, so it really did scare me. I thought they were robbing at first, I thought they were robbing the McDonald's there,” McNeely said.

You can see the two women from the car literally hanging halfway out the drive through window throwing punches and beating on the manager, all over chicken.

To some of you that's not surprising, as it's likely just instinct to these creatures, but to McNeely it was an absolute shock.

“I couldn't even imagine being one of the workers and seeing somebody coming into that window like that. That would really freak me out,” McNeely said.

This all happened at around 2:30 AM, which is what employees in the fast food world consider as “bar rush”, after the drunks leave the bars and clubs and crave nourishment.

Since there aren't many wild fruits growing about in Indiana, of course McDonald's and its dollar menu is a popular secondary habitat for those who tend to the night.

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Moments later, you can see the two women on video climbing out of the window, as if it wasn't a big deal, yelling and screaming profanities at the manager before driving off.

The manager at the store told<a href=""> local news WCMH-TV </a>that they've seen a lot in their time in the industry but nothing quite like this.

It all began, according to the manager, when the women pulled up to the second window of the drive-thru cutting off other customers and said they hadn’t been given all the nuggets they ordered during their first visit.

That's when the manager said they placed an order but only received four nuggets, not the full ten they paid for and even showed them the receipt.

He said that the women asked if they could place an order for them at that time, and the manager told them they would have to drive around and order at the ordering menu, and they quickly became profane and angry screaming profanities like savages.

According to a police report, the manager told them, “Have a nice day,” and that’s when the situation escalated to the violent confrontation between the employees and the rabid criminals.

“All I knew was I had to just keep on rolling and keep on shooting that video because it was going to help the individuals inside especially that last bit of video because that’s when I captured the license plate number,” said McNeely, but were quick sure she was thinking “WORLDSTAR” at the time.

When McNeely was told the fight was actually over chicken nuggets, she acted surprised that her fellow black people could become so upset over chicken.

“You have to treat others with respect, and you have to treat other with kindness and understand that mistakes happen and misunderstandings happen and miscommunications happen,” said McNeely.

That's totally it Monique. Respect would have made a difference here no doubt.

If you're watching the videos, you can see not only the viral beat down but also the end result which is the inside of the store completely wrecked as if it were hit by a tornado.

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