By: Frank Willis | 01-25-2017 | News
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Will Trump Keep Promises To Clean Chicago Dump?

Yesterday President Donald Trump tweeted that "If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!". This tweet has set everybody in Chicago on fire, and people are asking themselves what exactly does he me? This tweet has given hope to citizens, and instantly changed people's perspective of President Trump. If he is successful, it makes you question why Former President Obama did not do the same, seeing as how he calls Chicago his home town.

First thing you have to ask yourself is how exactly is he going to do it? Please believe there are plenty of federal agents here, and the FBI knows what is going on. What measures would President Trump enact that would change their focus to actually solving the problem? One solution that comes to mind is properly funding the schooling system, and putting a halt to the issue at it's root.

Now, I am not talking about paying the teachers whatever they want because according to , "The median salary for nearly 18,000 teachers employed by CPS as of June was $78,169, according to an analysis of CPS data. Teachers get a median of $27,564 in benefits, including pension payments and insurance. The DNAinfo analysis excluded teachers who hold multiple part-time positions in one or more schools." The Chicago Teachers Union is constantly threatening strike, but they make a descent salary. That's just pure greed.

On the radio earlier they discussed this topic, and some suggested that maybe having a soldier on every corner would help. It is obvious that the Chicago Police have no clue what to do, and maybe bringing in the military will help. Stopping the traffic of illegal firearms should be their main focus, but what happens when US soldiers start shooting US Citizens? Would people make a big fuss if they was too look at these people as terrorist, and eliminated them from society totally?

Most of these killings are in specific areas where it is mainly "poor" people. The reason I put poor in quotations, is because these people are not truly poor. Most of them receive public assistance, and do not have to worry about paying bills and eating daily. Truly being poor is like someone in Haiti or Somalia, who literally own nothing but the dirt they stand on. Being "poor" is nothing but a state of mind, and most of these people are confused.

Since we are at the very start of Trumps Presidential term, it makes you wonder why he did not run his election based off these promises. Illinois was the only state in the Midwest that did not vote for him, and that is only because of Chicago. The Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner is Republican, and even he was scared to fully endorse Trump. His rhetoric gave most people a false perception of his true intention. He just wants to make America Great again, and nobody can blame him.

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