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Convicted Felon Charged with 3-Year-Old Shoots and Kills 1-Year-Old with his Gun

According to Police in Memphis, Tennessee a three-year-old child has shot and killed his one-year-old sister after a man placed the child in the bed where he had his firearm.

Not a surprise here that the black man who should never have had a gun, to begin with, 25-year-old Shawn Moore is also a convicted felon, thus rendering him having a firearm at all a crime all to itself.

Law enforcement says that the one-year-old girl, Robbin Keefer, was shot at around 7:30 AM after the ignorant thug placed the three-year-old into the bed where she was sleeping and left his weapon loaded under the pillow.

Witnesses who were at the residence at the Cedar Mills Apartment Complex, which is located on the 3500 block of South Mendenhall Road, said that they heard a gunshot and noticed that one-year-old Robbin had been hit.

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Once the savage, gangbanging, felonious animal realized what had happened; he then grabbed his handgun and took off running from the apartment as witnesses frantically called emergency 911 for help.

Emergency medical responders and police then rushed to the scene blocking off all roads surrounding the apartments to not only locate the criminal but to rush the child to seek medical help.

Despite the best efforts of LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and their surgeons, they were unable to save the child, who was pronounced dead at around 10 AM.

The family of one-year-old Robbin Keefer says that she was a happy child who often laughed and smiled, but of course as to be expected none took responsibility for why there was a gangbanger with a loaded gun inside the home around the infant, to begin with.

“It’s like a nightmare, it’s like a dream I can’t wake up out of,” said the child’s great-aunt Wanda Keefer.

Keefer struggled to maintain any sense it where the child's mother was, or why the man with a gun would be around either child.

It seemed pointless to ask about the infant's paternal father, as that's something for the Maury Povich show to determine.

“It’s just something you never think would happen, something you think wouldn’t happen to your own family,” Keefer said.

I can't say I can relate to this, because responsible gun owners keep their weapons stored safely and would never have armed men inside their house before 7 AM, to begin with.

Sounds like the “parents” of this child were up awfully late without sleep, no? Regardless this all could have been prevented had the child been born to responsible parents.

Sadly now, that one year old will no longer see tomorrow and her three-year-old brother is likely going to be traumatized for life.


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Cate No. 11683 2017-11-12 : 15:55

I think whoever wrote this article needs to learn how to write news articles cause clearly they do not know how. This article is so many levels of unprofessional.

Anonymous No. 11720 2017-11-13 : 08:04

Great writeup, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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