By Savannah Smith  |  01-25-2017   News
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Reiterating his post-election declaration following his victory, President Trump announced today that he will launch a major investigation on voter fraud in the country.

The president announced on Twitter that he will be ordering a big investigation into voter fraud including cases of double voter registrations or where voters actually voted in two states, those who are illegally staying in the country but were allowed to vote, and even the dead who are still registered to vote, something which the chief executive thinks has been going on for a long time. Trump concluded his Twitter message by saying that depending on the results of the investigation, his administration will strengthen up voting procedures.

After winning the election convincingly through his dominant votes in the Electoral College, the President also tweeted then that he would have also won the popular vote if the votes of millions of illegal voters are deducted from the total votes.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes. Trump, however, claims during a White House meeting with congressional leaders earlier this week that 3-5 million illegals voted in the election. The president reportedly also underscored anew during the meeting his belief that he lost the popular vote due to the votes of illegals.

Problems in voter registrations and the supposed large number of illegal voters are some of the main reasons why Trump repeatedly claimed during the campaign that the election was rigged. At one point, Trump even said he will only accept the election result if he wins. Well, his strategic campaign, strong messages that resonated with ordinary Americans left frustrated and neglected by the Obama administration, and the public's huge distrust in Hillary were instrumental in delivering the Electoral College votes to Trump, handing him the victory in the process.

Some lawmakers including Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican ally of the president, disputed Trump's claim of voter fraud during the election claiming they saw no evidence that will establish that voter fraud marred the last election.

Whether the president is right or wrong on the matter, at least the probe will offer opportunities to officially determine how the electoral process can be further improved to lessen any chance for massive voter fraud in the future.

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