By: Kyle James | 11-12-2017 | News
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Security Firm Shows How Easy It Is To Hack Apple's Face ID

A security firm called Bkav has released a video proving they can bypass Apple's new Face ID security system on their latest batch of iPhones. The Face ID feature was designed to replace Touch ID, the finger pad that verified your fingerprint before unlocking your phone.

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Now, it seems the new Face ID system can be beaten with some do-it-yourself handy work that only requires a few things such as a 3D printer, silicone and photos of the person's face you are trying to imitate. The firm does a video demonstration where they unlock a phone with a makeshift version of the phone owner's face.

Apple assures their customers that the odds of someone using their face to break into someone's iPhone X are one in a million, but what if they don't use their own face? Bkav says they were able to bypass the security feature to break into someone's phone because they understand how the AI works in Face ID.

Bkav also says Apple relies too heavily on the AI used in Face ID and the mask they used to get past the feature only cost $150 dollars. Surely someone with enough money to spend could have a replica of a person's face made and easily use it to get into a stolen device.

Ngo Tuan Anh is the Vice President of Cyber Security at Bkav and he says, "The mask is crafted by combining 3D printing with makeup and 2D images, besides some special processing on the cheeks and around the face, where there are large skin areas, to fool AI of Face ID."

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Anonymous No. 11668 2017-11-12 : 10:07

ohh wow!! that's easy

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